Community Event Permits


 The Town of Parker Municipal Code, Chapter 10.08, states that a Community Event Permit is required for all planned and promoted public activities conducted on, or directly impacting, Town property or roadways within Town limits.

If your event will be on, or directly impacting, Town property or roadways within in the Town of Parker limits, AND you answer "yes" to any one of the following criteria, your event requires a community event application and permit:

  1. Do you expect the number of participants and/or spectators to total 100 or more people?
  2. Will you be using tents, stages, structures, generators, and/or sound amplification?
  3. Will you be providing, selling and/or distributing alcohol and/or food to event participants?
  4. Will your activity/event use and/or impact public right of ways and/or pedestrian, vehicle, bike, trail or bus traffic?
  5. Is your event a block party, parade or rally?

Please read the Community Event Permit Guide in it's entirety prior to completing and submitting an online Community Event Application.  Included in the Permit Guide is: 

•A user friendly process flowchart.

•A direct contact staff listing.

•A step-by-step process and checklist.

The application must be filled out completely and all supporting documentation from the checklist must be attached to the application. Incomplete applications will not be processed and will result in a delay of the application review process.

Rentals involving parks and related facilities, the Schoolhouse or Parker Arts, Cultural and Events (PACE) Center are in addition to the Community Event Permit Application Process. Please review the Community Event Permit Guide and A-Z Planning Guide for details.

The Community Event Permit does not apply to such activities as family reunions, picnics, outings, and other similar daily and routine individual, or family leisure and recreational uses, unless the proposed activities will impact the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.