Community Event Permits

When is a community event permit application required?

The Town of Parker Municipal Code, Chapter 10.08, requires a Community Event Permit for any event that is likely to impact the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic in public spaces, such as on a public-right-of way (roads), public facilities (government-owned buildings or structures), public property or privately owned property.  If your event fits into that category, you will be required to obtain a completed “approved” or “approved with conditions” Community Event Permit to hold your event.   

A Community Event Permit is not required for such activities as family reunions, picnics, outings and other similar daily and routine activities that utilize public space as it is intended, unless the proposed activities will impact the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic. This includes the rental of the Parker Recreation Center, The Parker Fieldhouse, The Parker Skate Park and Parker owned sporting fields.

Rentals involving parks and related facilities, the Schoolhouse or Parker Arts, Cultural and Events (PACE) Center are in addition to the Community Event Permit Application Process and will need to be coordinated through those departments.

The application window has closed for any new application requests for 2023 community events.  Organizers that have already submitted a permit request for 2023 fall and winter events can still access their applications through the 2023 system. 

The Town of Parker is excited to share with our community that we are in the process of finalizing a new customized application software system for our 2024 event applications.  The new system will be available in December for event organizers to start applying for 2024 events.  For any questions or help with 2024 events before then, please contact Alaina Bobo, Events Coordinator, at 303.805.3380 or