Purpose, Responsibilities and Requirements


The Special Licensing Authority was created to assume the responsibility of reviewing and issuing or denying certain licenses within the Town.


The Authority's responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing applications
  • Conducting public hearings
  • Issuing decisions on applications for various licenses
  • Acting as an advisory board to the Town Council on licensing issues

Qualifications of Authority Members

The Authority consists of 5 members and 2 alternates that must be Parker residents. Members shall:

  • Not have any interest in the operation of a liquor establishment or in 1 serving fermented malt beverages, an amusement device or arcade or a sexually-oriented business within Douglas County, or who has a member of his or her immediate family who has such an interest in Douglas County
  • Not hold any other political office anywhere in the state at any level
  • Not have an abhorrence to alcohol
  • Not be under the age of 21
  • Not have committed or admitted to having committed any acts involving moral turpitude