Transportation Master Plan

In the spring of 2013, the Town of Parker embarked on the creation of a new Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to assist the Town in successfully addressing transportation issues through the development of strategies for operating, managing, maintaining and financing the transportation system in order to advance a community’s long term land use, economic, engineering and recreation goals.

Transportation Master Plans (TMP) are widely used by jurisdictions as a foundation policy document that guide transportation decisions to improve and expand a community’s transportation system. This TMP contain policies, goals, funding and implementation strategies aimed at ensuring that our citizens and businesses have access to a high quality transportation system. The primary purpose of this TMP is to guide future development of a town-wide multimodal transportation system integrated with land use plans, economic development goals, and other Town services. 

This TMP serves as the Town's long-range plan for travel and mobility and is recognized as a living document that will evolve over time as results, experiences and priorities change.

Please click here to view the Parker Transportation Master Plan or contact Mary Munekata via email with any questions or comments.