Pawnee-Daniels Park Transmission Project (Xcel Energy)

The Public Service Company of Colorado (PSCo/Xcel Energy) will be constructing the Pawnee-Daniels Park Transmission Project (power transmission lines) in their existing utility right-of-way, beginning in approximately February 2019. While this is not a Town of Parker project, a portion of the overall 125-mile expansion does run through the Town of Parker (see map). The project is expected to be completed and in service by October 2019.

As part of the approval process, the Town advocated for PSCo/Excel to provide some community improvements to help offset the impact of the new transmission lines. Improvements, which will likely take place beginning in 2019, will include park enhancements and trail expansions in areas near the transmission lines, and limited landscaping improvements for directly impacted homeowners (these homeowners will be contacted directly with program details). Once final details about the timing and location of improvements are available, we will be sure to share those with the community.

Where can I find the full details of the Pawnee-Daniels Park Transmission Project?

Full project details can be viewed on the PSCo/Xcel project website.

Did the project go through the public hearing process?

PSCo/Xcel went through the Town of Parker's public hearing process and the Utility Use by Special Review and Site Plan were approved (PDF) by the Town Council on July 5, 2016 at a public hearing.

Where can I view Town permit information for this project?

Case files for this project can be viewed in the Town's eTRAKiT system. Enter SP16-010 in the search box to view the Site Plan case file or Z16-008 to view the Use by Special Review case file.

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