EastMain Development Project

Project Background
The Town of Parker and Douglas County Libraries have formed a partnership to create a premier gateway and gathering place on the eastern entry to downtown Parker. The 9.4-acre EastMain Development Project site, located at the corner of Mainstreet and Pine Drive across from Parker Town Hall, is a unique opportunity to create a new signature destination in Parker.

The location of the property within the downtown area and the Parker Creative District offers a unique development opportunity to create a distinctive activity center in downtown Parker. The site has the potential to increase the vitality and energy of the EastMain area, in addition to increasing the synergy in Parker’s Historic Downtown Corridor. 

The Town of Parker and the Douglas County Libraries are committed to developing a park/plaza and a library on the property to contribute to making the development a successful “Great Place.”  The Town also is committed to partnering with a private developer to provide a mixed-use element to complete the site.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates on individual developments within the EastMain Development Project.

last updated Feb. 1, 2016
Parker Library
Construction of the new Parker branch of Douglas County Libraries is underway. According to Douglas County Libraries, "the new library building’s unique shape, derived from the shape of the site, will leverage views to the west and over the Town of Parker’s planned park and plaza. Primary community rooms will be perched over the library’s entry, and study rooms will overlook Mainstreet. Civic spaces and an interactive children’s space will all enjoy a varied and rich materials palette."

Updates on the progress of the new library are available on Douglas County Libraries' official project page, www.NoLeafUnturned.org/Parker. The site has numerous features, including news, a live construction webcam and even a virtual walkthrough video previewing what the facility is expected to look like! 

Library Rendering

Parker Library Feb. 2015
Engineering Phase II Improvements Underway
Work continues on the utility improvements associated with the EastMain site, including the installation of water and sanitary sewer service to the site and storm sewer improvements for adjacent roadways.

As weather permits in the coming months, paving operations will resume to complete the widening work on Pine Drive, the extension of PACE Center Drive through the site, and additional widening on the south side of Mainstreet to accommodate additional on-street parking stalls. Accompanying this work will be streetscape improvements, including lighting, landscaping and decorative paving that will be consistent with current Mainstreet aesthetics. This phase of the project is scheduled to be completed early summer 2016.

Phase I improvements completed in Spring 2015 included grading work and regional drainage. An underground storm sewer was installed through the property west of Pine Drive in addition to a stormwater detention pond on the property east of the roadway. The earth displaced by this pond was used to level the property west of Pine Drive.

Engineering Improvements Map


Town of Parker Park/Plaza

The Town of Parker has committed to developing a distinctive public park/plaza in the EastMain area that will have programmed events and seasonal activities such as a spray garden and ice skating to attract visitors year round. This park/plaza will serve a unique role in the community and include amenities, design components and functional components that have cultural and historical elements. The design will tie into the surrounding uses to create a seamless experience for all users. The park/plaza component will be a community gathering place that will allow residents of all ages to recreate and relax.

At right is the most recent conceptual site plan for the proposed park/plaza. A larger PDF version is also available for online view. Below the site plan is a conceptual drawing of the proposed ice ribbon area. Additional project information can also be found on the Parker Parks and Recreation website.

Proposed Park/Plaza Site Plan

EastMain Park and Plaza

Proposed Band Shell

Proposed Band Shell

Proposed Ice Skating Ribbon

Chamber EMain Ice

Proposed Park/Plaza Entrance with Splash Garden

Proposed Plaza Entrance