Permit Denial

The applications may be denied for the following reasons under Municipal Code Section 10.08:

  • The event will create a safety hazard to the participants, adjacent properties, proximate neighborhood(s), or traveling public. This determination will be made by the Parker Police Department and/or the Parker Engineering Department.
  • The time, route or size of the event will disrupt to an unreasonable extent the movement of other traffic, pedestrians or bicyclists.
  • The size or nature of the event requires the Town to divert so great a number of police officers that the citizens of Parker would be denied reasonable police protection.
  • The event interferes with a scheduled Town of Parker event. Town events will take precedence.
  • The event will interfere with another event for which a Community Event Permit has already been issued.
  • False or misleading information was included on the application and/or its attachments. This shall also result in revocation of a previously issued permit.
  • The applicant refuses to agree to abide by or comply with all the conditions of the permit or is not able to satisfy the requirements of the permit.
  • Previous termination or violation of a community event permit by the applicant.
  • The event will cause a disruption to residential quality of life that substantially impacts the quiet use and enjoyment of property and rises to the level of being a detriment to the public health, safety and welfare.

Failure to comply with any requirements, deadlines, and/or conditions set forth by the Town of Parker may terminate the event process, eliminate a segment of the event, or result in denial or revocation of the event permit. In addition, failure to meet the requirements of this permit may provide basis for denial of future permits for a given event or applicant.

If the permit is denied, the Town of Parker assumes no liability for expenses incurred by the applicant.

If during the course of the event, Town staff at the event site determines there is a public safety hazard or if there is a violation of any permit condition, the event may be terminated immediately at the request of the Town Administrator or designee. The Town of Parker is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the permit holder.