Pine Bluffs Filing 2 Multifamily Site Plan

Project Description

Minor Development Plat – The applicant is proposing to create a single lot plat. Town code requires that properties be platted lots prior to development. This process requires public hearings before the Planning Commission and Town Council. The minor development plat was approved by Town Council on May 1, 2017.

Site Plan

The Site Plan application proposes the development of 255 multifamily residential units contained within a combination of two and three-story residential buildings. The development will include a clubhouse with a pool area, playground, fenced dog park, off-street parking spaces with some tuck under garage parking, landscaping, walking paths and sidewalks. This process is an administrative review and approval once the applicant meets Town requirements.
Pine Bluffs Site Plan

Pine Bluffs Elevation 1
Pine Bluffs Elevation 2

Site/Location Data

This property is located on the west side of Parker Road, south of Parker Square Drive and North of the Parker Road intersection with Pine Drive.

Additional Information

For more information, please visit our eTRAKiT portal and enter SP16-079 (for Site Plan) or SP16-032 (for Minor Development Plat) in the search box.