Development Design Standards Rewrite Project

Project Update (Aug. 3, 2017)

The Town’s architectural consultant, Urban Design Associates and Dig Studio continues to develop the new development design standards for the multi-family and the Commercial, Industrial and Mixed Use (CIMU).  The first component of the project, the Multi-Family design standards, is well underway and the consultant team has completed data collection and analysis, and they are currently rewriting the standards into an effective easy-to-use document for use with developers, urban designers, Town staff and community members.  Town staff anticipates completion of the overall development design standards by the end of the third quarter.  

For the second component, the CIMU, the Consultants have developed a new Visual Preference Survey for the (CIMU) for public input.  This survey provides community members the opportunity to participate and provide input on preferred building design, color palettes, building material composition and other key elements of site design for Parker’s commercial and industrial areas, as well as mixed uses (developments with a mix of commercial, retail and residential uses). Feel free to take this online survey today!

Project Description

The Town of Parker’s current Design Standards have had minor amendments in recent years with relatively few changes since the document was formally adopted in 1999. Over the next nine months, the UDA project team will rewrite the Town’s Design Standards to reflect current market and design trends. Urban Design Associates and Dig Studio have helped communities like Parker decide what kinds of improvements to multi-family, commercial, and mixed-use developments they would like to see. The document will result in a user-friendly guide that will focus on updated architectural styles, site planning and building designs for the Parker community. 

Project Objectives

The Town of Parker has hired Urban Design Associates (UDA) and DIG Studio to update Parker’s Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family, and Mixed-Use Design Standards.

Parker’s Development Design Standards serve as the framework for developers to design sites and buildings in the community. Having quality design, construction materials and well-thought-out building sites is of vital importance to maintaining Parker’s “hometown feel” and quality of life.

The objectives of this project include:
  • Reflect the community's desire for a high-quality environment and a 'hometown character' in Parker
  • Create consistent expectations and predictability for the development community
  • Incorporate best practices to the Development Design Standards

Where We Are in the Process

The project timeline is organized into a three-step process:

Step 1: Listening

Step 1 Listening consists of a host of stakeholder meetings and open houses designed to provide an intensive series of opportunities for listening and understanding the challenges of Parker - public engagement and information gathering as the core focus.

Step 2: Testing Ideas

Step 2 Testing Ideas will focus on conceptual design. The project team will work in real time to produce recommendations for the Standards with the stakeholders and public participants. We’ll draw and model building design and form and develop recommendations together with the community.

Step 3: Deciding

Step 3 Deciding will consist of the development of final chapters of the Design Standards, and will explore relevant tools for implementation for the Town.

Public Engagement

Community Workshop #1 - What We Heard

On Wednesday, May 4, 2017, the team held the first Community Workshop at the PACE Center. A project overview presentation was held at the beginning of the meeting. Workshop attendees participated in a visual exercise, exploring different building elements and architectural styles of multi-family, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use buildings they liked and didn’t like. Download the presentation materials and results below:


Community Workshop #2

Workshop #2 focused on the design of buildings and development projects in Parker. Attendees had an opportunity to work with the design team to test and incorporate their ideas on the character and form for the Town. A short presentation was held at the beginning of the meeting, after which meeting participants provided input and helped test different options for the Standards. Community input is critical to creating Standards that match vision for the character of Parker. 

This event is hosted by the Town of Parker with Urban Design Associates (UDA) and Dig Studio. Please call 303.805.3336 or email Carolyn Washee-Freeland for more information.


Community Workshop #3

A third Community Open House will be held on Monday, Aug.14, 2017 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the PACE Center's Creative Studio Room. This Open House is open to the public and the project team will focus on the development of the CIMU design standards.  

  • Community Workshop #3 - Flyer


We Want Your Input!

Commercial Visual Preference Survey

Please take our Commercial, Industrial and Mixed Use (CIME) Visual Preference Survey to provide input on preferred building design, color palettes, building material composition and other key elements of site design for Parker’s commercial and industrial areas, as well as mixed uses (developments with a mix of commercial, retail and residential uses).

Current Design Standards

View the current Commercial, Industrial, Multifamily Residential Design Standards (this is the document in the process of being updated).

Project Questions

Have questions about this project or the process? Please call 303.805.3336 or email us for more information.

New Multifamily Concept


New Big Box Commercial Concept


New Neighborhood Commercial Concept


Parker Vicinity Map

Development Design Standards Timeline