Property Tax

Property Tax Mill Levy

The Town's property tax mill levy, set at 2.602 mills, represents a very small portion of the revenue the Town depends on and is used to support the general fund and operations of the Town.

Property Taxes

Property taxes are paid based on the assessed value of the property, as determined by the County Assessor, multiplied by a mill levy rate. A mill levy is really just a percentage. One mill equals 1 expressed as a decimal, or 0.1% when expressed as a percentage. Property taxes are calculated using the following formula:

Current actual value (provided on Notice of Value) x Assessment rate*(see below)= Assessed Value

Assessed value x Tax rate (mill levy) = Estimated property tax

*Assessment Rates

The current Assessment Rate is projected to be 7.20% for residential and 29% for all other property. The Colorado State Legislature adjusts the residential assessment rate in reappraisal years. The taxes go to support a number of governmental agencies that service the property. The taxes are collected by the Douglas County Treasurer.


The following example use a home with an actual market value of $300,000 that is NOT in a metro district:

Mill Levy Distribution on a $300,000 house
Mill Levy Amount Percent of Total Levy
Douglas County School District 31.508 $680.57
Douglas County Schools - Debt Service 9.556 $206.41 11.1%
Douglas County Government 19.274
South Metro Fire Rescue Authority
$199.80  10.7%
Parker Water and Sanitation District 9.095*
$196.45 10.5%
Douglas Public Library District 4.016  $86.75 4.6%
Town of Parker 2.602
Urban Drainage and Flood Control 0.559
Urban Drainage and Flood Control, South Platte 0.061
Cherry Creek Basin Authority
0.473 $10.22 0.5%
Total 86.394 $1,866.11 100%

*Residents in Cottonwood pay the Cottonwood Water & Sanitation District 19 mills ($410.40) instead of the Parker Water & Sanitation District which covers all other parts of Parker.

**Residents that live within a Metro District pay additional property taxes to that district.  Mill levies for various Metro Districts in the Town of Parker range from 8.8 mills ($190.08) to 55 mills ($1,188.00).

To obtain a detailed property tax statement, please visit the Douglas County Treasurer's Office or the Douglas County Assessor's Office.