Snow Priority System

Priority 1 - Arterials
Arterials provide a minimum transportation network which must be kept open to provide a roadway system covering the major traffic volume streets and providing access to police and fire stations. Arterials will be posted as snow routes and parking will be restricted as conditions warrant.

Priority 2 - Collector Streets
Collector streets provide access to Priority 1 thoroughfares. Collectors have a lower traffic volume than Priority 1 arterials.

Priority 3 - Local Roads
Local roads and cul-de-sacs, which provide access to collectors and arterials, have low to medium traffic volumes. Local roads provide traffic flow within subdivisions and provide direct access to residences and private property. By Town Resolution, local roads and cul-de-sacs will not be plowed unless 10 inches or greater of snow has fallen or major drifting has occurred. School bus routes not already plowed under priority 2 are covered under priority 3.

State Highways
The Colorado Department of Transportation is responsible for snow operations and maintenance on State Highway 83 (South Parker Road).

View Parker's snow removal map.