Legal Corner

General Legal Training

This is the only mandatory training for Teen Court. GLT, as it is commonly known, is held once a year, generally at the beginning of the year. It is held typically on a Saturday and lasts about 6 hours. Volunteers in Teen Court must take GLT within their first year of volunteering.

All training material is provided, as well as breakfast and lunch.

Law School

Volunteers who have completed GLT have the opportunity to attend Law School. Typically, members who are 14 years of age can participate. Those who are younger than 14 will be taken on a case by case basis. Law School is demanding with their time as training is weekly and they must pass the Bar to become a Teen Court Attorney. After training, the newly appointed attorneys are sworn in by the Municipal Judge. If they wish, newly appointed attorneys can be paired with a mentor attorney or they may jump feet first and work solo.

Training is held once a year, usually the month following GLT. It takes place once per week for approximately 3 hours. The students learn to build a case, terminology, cases that Teen Court hears, objections, theories and participate in mock trials.

Judge Training

For those attorneys who aspire to become judges, the Municipal Judge will train those who wish to attend. Typically this training is every other year as newly appointed attorneys will need at least a year to train and hone their skills as attorneys before continuing on to Judge.

For more information contact the Teen Court at 303.805.3171.