Are there restrictions on what we can bring into the event?


  • Tailgating is allowed in the parking lots as long as you are either in your vehicle or directly in front of or behind your vehicle and do not impede traffic lanes. Please note, you will not have a good view of the drone show in the North Parking Lot. 
  • Coolers are allowed with food and beverage (non-alcoholic).
  • Many vendors accept credit cards but some do not. There will be an ATM onsite.
  • Hand-held umbrellas are allowed for shade.

Not Allowed:

  • No dogs, tents, canopies, sport umbrellas (or other shade structures that are not hand-held), yard games, on-site cooking, alcohol, drones or fireworks allowed in the parking lots or Salisbury Park grounds and on the ball fields. 
  • No outside vendors will be allowed in the parking lots or at the event. Vendors must have been approved in advance of the event. 

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