What is traffic like around the event?

This event will attract thousands of people. Traffic will be congested in and around Salisbury Park.

  • The Town offers two designated on-site event parking lots – the North and South Lots.  We discourage event-goers from parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the event. 


  • Vehicles may access either lot when arriving from the north or south via Motsenbocker Road.   


  • Following the event, no matter how vehicles entered the lots, vehicles parked in the North Lot will exit northbound on Motsenbocker Road and vehicles parked in the South Lot will exit southbound on Motsenbocker Road.   Limited handicap-accessible parking will also be available near Field 1.  All parking is $10, cash only, with no in and out parking allowed.  General event admission is free.


  • Motsenbocker Road is a two-lane road and there is only one way to drive in and out of the park.  Please be patient coming and going from the event and watch for pedestrians. 


  • Once the event parking lots are filled to capacity, which is usually around 7:30 or 8 p.m., Motsenbocker Road will be shut down to through traffic for the duration of the event. Traffic will be routed to Jordan Road via Todd Drive on the north and Hess Road on the South. Those residents living within the road closure areas will need to show proof of residence to gain access. Motsenbocker Road will re-open once event patrons have vacated the parking lots. 


In addition to event parking, the park can be accessed via the Cherry Creek Trail.  The park is a short walking distance from McCabe Meadows Trailhead.  For a little longer walk (approximately 2 miles), you can also access the Cherry Creek Trai

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