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Request for Community Event Publicity Assistance

  1. Community groups that meet certain criteria may be eligible to advertise their events on the Town's electronic message board at Parker and Mainstreet and to have events posted on the Town's online and/or Talk of the Town community calendar. To apply for use of these free resources, please fill out the following form and submit it for the Town's consideration. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE 15TH OF THE MONTH PRIOR.

    Please be aware that the Town receives many requests from community groups for the use of these resources. While we do our very best to accommodate all qualified community events, there may be times we are unable to post a qualified event due to space limitations.

  2. Which resources are you requesting use of? Check all that apply.*
  3. Electronic Message Board
  4. To determine eligibility for use the Town's electronic message board, please check one of the following.*
  5. Community Calendar
  6. To be listed on the Town's online and/or Talk of the Town community calendar, event must be not-for-profit and held in the 80134 or 80138 Zip Code. Does your event meet this requirement?
  7. Is event handicap accessible?*
  8. Please provide a phone number, email address and/or Web site address that can be given to the public to obtain more information on this event.
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