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2022 Town of Parker Strive to Thrive Challenge Form

  1. Town of Parker Staff Wellness Program - Logo
  2. Instructions
    • Each month has its own set of challenges that center around a National Health Observance(s).  
    • Complete two (2) or more challenges for the month to be entered into a prize raffle drawing.  
      • All challenges can be completed anytime throughout the month except those that have a scheduled date/time (i.e. live webinars, retirement one-on-ones, etc.).
    • Complete and submit the below online form by noon on the last day of the month.

    Questions? Contact Christina Worley at or at 303.805.3109.

  3. June Challenge - National Great Outdoors Month
  4. Strive to Thrive TOP Fitness Challenge
    • June 6th - July 31st
    • Participate in the 6-week fitness challenge
  5. National Trails Day

    Walk/bike/run/skip/rollerblade (you choose) for at least 30 minutes on a local trail (the trail does not have to be in Parker, pick one local to YOU).

  6. World Environment Day

    Spend time picking up trash in a local park, along your street, anywhere you want.

  7. Plan A Picnic

    Grab some grub, get outside, and enjoy a picnic.

  8. Get Outside!

    Spend one (1) hour doing an outdoor activity each week. 

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