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How Do I Get Started?
Choose A Location
The location you choose for your business will determine the direction you must take to get started. Whether you choose to operate your business from your home, convert an existing location or construct your own building, there are a variety of steps to take.

View information on obtaining business licenses.

Home-Based Business
Home businesses are allowed in Parker, with certain exceptions. The resident and one additional employee may work from the home business, but no signage or advertising may be posted on the building. For a complete list of regulations, please call the Community Development Department at 303.841.2332.

Converting An Existing Location
If you would like to convert an existing commercial location for a new business use, change the occupancy classification, or plan to make modifications to the exterior of a building, please contact the Community Development Department at 303.841.2332. They will let you know what steps you need to go through and will assist you throughout the exterior conversion process. Some of the building improvements that require approval are painting the building's exterior, additions such as decks and patios, change of use, changes to landscaping and awnings. All construction modifications are handled by the Building Division.

Construction Your Own Building
All construction in Parker will require a building permit. If you wish to construct a new building for your business, you must first contact the Planning Department, which will provide you with land zoning information. After you choose the land that you will build on, you must contact the Building Division at 303.841.1970. They will guide you through the steps toward obtaining a building permit. The Public Works Department should be contacted concerning such issues as grading and access permits, public improvements, etc. No contractor licenses are required for a General Contractor. Electrical and plumbing licenses are required as per the State of Colorado.

Town of Parker
20120 E. Mainstreet
Parker, CO 80138
Ph: 303.841.0353
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Town of Parker, Colorado