Council Document/Event Requests

Guidelines for Mayor and Town Council Ceremonial Documents and Events

The Mayor and Town Council appreciate the contributions that Parker residents and businesses make to the community.  For such occasions, the Mayor will recognize community members with certificates and proclamations and by occasionally attending events. Instructions for inviting the Mayor and/or Councilmembers to an event or requesting a document are listed below. 


If you would like to invite the Mayor or a Councilmember to an event, please submit a formal request including the event name, host, location, date and time. Please be aware that the Mayor and Councilmember schedules fill up quickly, so please submit requests well in advance of the event. If scheduling conflicts occur, the Mayor and/or Councilmembers may not be able to attend the requested event.  


The Mayor and Council issue special certificates of commendation, recognition and achievement for the following types of occasions: 

  • Exemplary service or significant contributions by an organization, business, or individual to the Town of Parker 
  • Notable achievement by a resident 
  • Retirement from the military, police or fire department 
  • Other achievements of significance 

Requests for certificates should include: 

  1. Recipients full name and address 
  2. A brief (<100 words) description of the recipient 
  3. A brief (<300 words) description of the reason for the certificate 
  4. Proposed text for the certificate
  5. Date of the event (if applicable) 
  6. Date certificate is desired 
  7. Contact information for the person requesting the certificate 

Due to the large volume of worthy requests, not all requests for certificates will result in the award of a certificate.  In order to request a certificate, please submit a request here


Proclamations are historical documents that declare a day, week, or month in honor of a cause, individual, or occasion of significance to Parker or to its residents. 

  • All proclamation requests should be made by a resident of Parker or an organization primarily serving Parker residents.  
  • Requests should be made 30 days prior to the Town Council meeting for which the proclamation will be enacted. 
  • All proclamation requests must be relevant to a broad group of Parker residents.  
  • Proclamations may not be used in any advertisement or promotion without written approval from the Town of Parker. 
  • Please be aware, although the Mayor receives a large number of worthy requests, not all requests will result in the issuance of a proclamation. 

Reasons to request a proclamation may include: 

  • A significant date or anniversary relating to the Town of Parker 
  • Significant historical commemorations 
  • To highlight an issue that has Town-wide public interest 
  • Bringing awareness or recognizing a non-profit organization or cause (for example: Breast Cancer Awareness Month) 
  • Recognizing a person or group of persons who have had a significant positive impact on the Town of Parker 

Requests for proclamations should include: 

  1. Desired day, week, or month of the proclamation 
  2. Proposed text for the proclamation, including up to 5 sentences “whereas” clauses explaining and supporting the reason for the proclamation, not to exceed one page (example here
  3. Contact information for the person or group of persons honored by the proclamation (if applicable) 
  4. Contact information of the person requesting the proclamation 
  5. Request to accept the proclamation at a Town Council meeting along with the contact information of the individual(s) accepting the proclamation

The Town of Parker reserves the right to decline or modify requests and make exceptions to any of the above guidelines.  Request for proclamations should be made as far in advance as possible of the date needed.  Please submit requests electronically here

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