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    20120 E. Mainstreet
    Parker, CO 80138

    Phone: 303.841.0353
    Fax: 303.840.9792

    About Me:

    What is your occupation?
    Parker Mayor/ Principal, Information Technology Consultant Firm

    Which subdivision do you live in and how long have you lived there?
    Preston Hill

    What other governmental service have you been involved in?
    I am currently serving as a Parker Town Councilman and focus, as a liaison, on our Business Community and Economic Development as a representative to the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Alliance and Town Of Parker Economic Development Department. I also support our law enforcement community as a liaison to the Parker Police Department and support Parks and Recreation as a liaison to the Department.

    What is your educational background?
    I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Economics.

    What community activities are you/have you been involved in?
    In addition to my work as a Parker Town Councilman, and now Parker Mayor, and the many organizations I have the privilege of being a part of, I have served my neighbors on the Preston Hill HOA as a board member and President. I have served on the Parker Commission on Arts, Science and Culture and previously served on the Board of Directors of FEC United ( as the Chairman of the Politics and Policy Pillar.

    What are your hobbies?
    My passion is spending time with my family while hiking and biking in the Rockies, walking the trails of Parker or jumping in our Jeep Wrangler and exploring the terrain. I love reading and focus on history and politics. And, lastly, I am an amateur BBQ griller/smoker where even my mistakes taste pretty good.

    What made you decide to run for Mayor?
    I ran for Mayor of Parker because I offer a common sense conservative approach to government. It's not the same decade-old ideas that will take us in to the future. New, innovative and out of the box thinking and strong economic development will make Parker thrive! I am a fighter, and our hometown is a town worth fighting for!

    What are your top priorities as Mayor?
    1) Repeal the Grocery Sales Tax. This is an aged tax that was in place when Parker didn't have business and commercial development. Grocery sales tax is over $5 million of the Town’s annual revenue. Elimination of the grocery sales tax is equivalent to a reduction in the sales tax rate of 0.25% from 3.00% to 2.75%. Only Castle Rock and Parker Tax Groceries – All the other towns and municipalities in Douglas County do not tax groceries.

    2) The biggest issue facing transportation in Parker is not only roads, growth and traffic – it is the fact that we are sending $11 million per year to RTD for $1 million in services. Our solution must be to work with our State elected officials to pass legislation allowing municipalities to leave RTD. We can form our own cost-effective solution for far less than $11 million. Parker has to stop getting TAXED for services we don't receive!

    3) Parker must have a meaningful Economic Development program partnering government with both private sector and community organizations to build a stronger base for both small and large business – while always supporting our locally owned proprietors.