Salisbury Estates Neighborhood Objective


Salisbury Estates is a large unincorporated area surrounded by the Town of Parker. The area, encompassing approximately 923 acres with 70 parcels, can be described as rural residential in character. Development pressure and annexation requests from property owners in the Salisbury Estates area are increasing.

As development pressures and property values increase, there is a high probability that more of these parcels will be developed. Without master planning of this sub-area, significant issues with traffic movement, drainage, open space, trails and overall quality of life are eminent.

The intent of the plan is to:

  • Coordinate public and private improvements as development occurs
  • Provide direction to Town Council, Planning Commission and staff in reviewing annexation, zoning and development proposals
  • Neither increase nor decrease development in this area, nor change the overall land uses permitted under the Town's Master Plan and approved zoning
  • Create a seamless neighborhood that is a quality addition to the Town while balancing the quality of life of the existing residents

Goals & Developments

The mission of the Salisbury Estates Neighborhood Objective is to develop a long-range plan that will coordinate the potential development of parcels within the area known as Salisbury Estates in a manner that will create a cohesive, seamless, and interconnected neighborhood that provides open space, trails, and other amenities.

The plan developed a series of recommendations for the future development in Salisbury Estates based on existing conditions, the existing Parker Master Plan, community input and good planning principles.

A copy of the Salisbury Estates Neighborhood Objective can be purchased at Town Hall for $10.

View Salisbury Estates Neighborhood Objective (PDF) document.