May 28

[ARCHIVED] Public Works Week 2019 recap

The original item was published from May 28, 2019 8:43 AM to September 1, 2023 1:58 PM

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Building roadways, clearing snow, working to prevent flooding … a lot goes into managing a community’s infrastructure. Here in Parker, we’re fortunate to have an outstanding Engineering and Public Works Department that keeps everything running smoothly.

National Public Works Week, sponsored by the American Public Works Association, works to highlight the positive impact that public works operations and professionals have on our communities.

“It Starts Here” was the 2019 NPWW theme, representing the many facets of life that grow out of the efforts of public works professionals. What starts here? Infrastructure starts with public works, growth and innovation starts with public works, mobility starts with public works, security starts with public works, healthy communities start with public works.

The Town of Parker recognized NPWW May 19 to 25, 2019 with a week of trivia about our Engineering and Public Works Department. The questions and answers are compiled below. 

• The Town of Parker maintains approximately 534 lane miles of roadways. If constructed side by side, how many football fields would those lanes cover? (588 football fields)

• The Fleet and Facilities Services Division cares for 32 facilities, representing 446,000 square feet of space. How many hours of maintenance did this team log between May 2018 and April 2019? (8,090 hours)

• Stop signs, street signs, yield signs and more, how many street signs do you think the Traffic Services Division manages throughout Parker? (5000 signs)

• The Streets Maintenance Division responded to 22 snow events in 2018. How many miles of roads were plowed during these snow operations? (21,500 miles)

• What percentage of the Town of Parker’s 2019 budgeted expenditures are specifically for public works projects? (20.9 percent) In fact, 40 percent of the Town’s 2019 overall budget is being spent on public works and public safety, two departments that are core to all municipalities and most visible to residents.

• Parker’s Stormwater Utility was created in 1999 to provide stormwater management services. How many detention ponds is this team responsible for today? (347 detention ponds)