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The original item was published from February 23, 2018 4:34 PM to February 21, 2023 11:20 AM

Town Q&A is a compilation of questions received by the Town of Parker across its social media accounts from the previous month. Have a question about the Town or Town operations to ask? Send your questions to Town of Parker Digital Marketing Coordinator Ryne Dittmer at to be answered in a future Town Q&A post.

How are Town traffic signals scheduled?
The Department of Engineering’s Traffic Services Division is responsible for monitoring signal timing in the Town of Parker and coordinating traffic plans. In all, this group maintains 87 total traffic signals — 74 Town-owned and 13 which are owned by Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and maintained by the Town by contract.

Traffic signals are timed based on traffic data such as daily through counts and peak hour turning movement counts. These counts are fed into analysis software to recommend the best signal timing for a corridor or group of signals. This would include how long a cycle is, how long each green phase is displayed and how each signal operates in coordination with neighboring signals. The idea is to minimize delay for the greatest number of users. The outputs of the analysis and simulation are reviewed by human eyes and further adjusted based on known field conditions that the computers may not be able to correct for. The Town routinely monitors traffic conditions and makes adjustments to timings based on changes in measured flow.

In the future, the Traffic Services Division hopes to implement “traffic responsive” flow for a number of Parker signals. This is an operational strategy where signal parameters are chosen based on automated real-time data collection rather than historic measures and expected daily patterns.

To report a traffic signal not working, damaged traffic signs or other traffic-related issue, please contact the Department of Engineering at 303.840.9546 during regular hours. To report a concern after hours please call the Parker Police Department at 303.841.9800.

What are the official Town of Parker social media accounts?
Town of Parker social media accounts provide a great way to stay informed of news and events. The following list includes the official accounts managed by Town employees.

Town of Parker
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @TownofParkerCO

Parker Parks and Recreation Department
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @ParkerRec

Parker Police Department
Facebook: @ParkerPoliceDepartment
Twitter: @ParkerPD

Parker Arts
Facebook: @ParkerArts
Twitter: @ParkerArtsCO