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Oct 05

Funding Our Town — Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Posted on October 5, 2021 at 9:42 AM by Ryne Dittmer

The Town of Parker has various revenue sources to help fund the many services and amenities enjoyed by our residents and visitors, including police protection and public safety; road and traffic enhancements and improvements; parks, trails and recreation facilities; cultural activities and performances; community events and more.

In 2020, these revenue sources included sales and use tax (41.6% of revenue collected); intergovernmental agreements (26.3%); charges for services (16.7%); miscellaneous sources (9%); licenses and permits (2.2%); other taxes (2.1%); general property taxes (2.0%); and fines and forfeitures (0.1%).

Sales tax is the Town’s main source of revenue, accounting for more than 80% of all taxes collected each year. The total sales tax rate in Parker is 8%, of which the Town receives 3%. Of the remaining 5%, the State of Colorado receives 2.9%, Douglas County receives 1%, the Regional Transportation District (RTD) receives 1%, and the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District receives 0.1%. The Town’s portion of sales tax is split, with 2.5% going to the General Fund and 0.5% directed to Parks and Recreation.

General property tax represents a small portion of the Town’s annual revenue, as most property tax dollars are distributed to other taxing authorities. While property tax has increased over the years, the Town of Parker’s portion has remained the same (2.602 mills) since 1997. This amount equates to approximately $75 annually on a $400,000 home. You can view a full breakdown of your property tax, including what entities collect this tax, by visiting and typing your street address in the search bar.

Explore the Town’s budget in more detail with the resources provided on the Town of Parker’s Finance Department webpage.