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Jul 27


Posted on July 27, 2018 at 2:55 PM by Ryne Dittmer

Earlier this year, the Town announced that we’ve seen a steady decline in sales tax revenue growth, which has impacted our 2018 budget. As the year has progressed, this decline has continued, resulting in a second reduction of the Town’s budget.

As you may know, sales tax is the Town’s main source of revenue (accounting for 87% of all taxes collected) and provides funding for the many services and amenities enjoyed by residents and visitors, including police protection and public safety; road and traffic enhancements and improvements; parks, trails and recreation facilities; cultural performances and classes, community events and more.

To address this decline and keep budget revenues and expenditures balanced, Town Council passed an ordinance on Monday, July 16 to reduce 2018 expenditures by an additional $2 million. This reduction is being distributed across all departments and affects both internal Town operations and some external projects and initiatives. These reductions include, but are not limited to:

• Several open Town positions that are not safety sensitive (i.e. law enforcement, public works, etc.) will not be filled in 2018
• Reduction of part-time staffing budgets in the Cultural Department
• Elimination of many employee recognition initiatives and events
• Town-wide reductions to budgets for employee conferences and training, mileage, office supplies and meeting expenses
• Elimination of the Holiday Carriage Rides program
• The Town’s Citizen Survey will be moved from a two-year schedule to a three-year schedule
• Deferral of some Town projects, including the Town’s contract for external marketing, the Economic Development Division’s retail study, and a reduction in Cultural marketing expenditures

In addition, fees may be implemented for some previously free services and existing fees/ticket prices could be increased to help offset the need for additional budget reductions.

In June, the Supreme Court did rule that states can now collect sales tax from most online retailers. Although this may increase future sales tax revenues, it will take some time for necessary legislation to be passed to allow for the collection of these taxes.

How can you help?
To help keep your local economy strong, we encourage you to #ChooseParker! Did you know that when you make a $100 purchase in Parker at an independent, local store, $48 stays in your community (including payroll, goods/services purchased, profits spent local by owners, and charitable contributions)? A chain restaurant/store located in Parker keeps $14 local, while only $1 of a $100 online purchase comes back to Parker.

So, Choose Parker and keep your tax dollars local, while supporting Parker’s distinct business community. Before you hop online or head out of our community to shop, do some research and see what you can purchase locally. Visit the Town’s online business directory, to see what’s here!

Tune in to the Town’s marketing and social media channels for more information, Made in Parker business features, facts and statistics and more. You can find the Town on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching @TownOfParkerCO.