Building Division




Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Sale, Randy Chief Building Official 303.805.3167  
Schmidt, Dale Deputy Chief Building Official 303.805.3162  
Blanski, Jason Fire and Life Safety Inspector 303.805.3197  
Capra, Randy Fire and Life Safety Supervisor 303.805.3163  
Cook, Brian Senior Building Inspector 303.805.3160  
Lennon, Steve Building Inspector II 303.805.3165  
Lunger, Will Building Inspector 303.805.3157  
Nelson, Jonathan Combination Building Inspector 303.805.3194  
Orzescu, Cornelia Commercial Plans Examiner 303.805.3238  
Pfaff, Lynda Permit Technician 303.805.3175  
Richardson, Reed Residential Plans Examiner 303.805.3192  
Rossetti, Therese Building Permit Technician Lead 303.805.3176  
Stansfield, Maryanne Permit Technician 303.841.1970