What happens if there is bad weather on event day?

The Parker Stars and Stripes Celebration is proudly organized by the Town of Parker. Should severe weather cause an event delay or cancellation, or prohibit the ability to produce the drone show, no refunds will be given.

Please note, as a reminder, Colorado weather can change rapidly.  Should inclement weather come in, the evacuation plan for this event is to shelter in your vehicle.  Event staff will monitor the weather and make every attempt to notify event patrons of incoming weather via Town social media channels and stage announcements.   However, it is each patron’s responsibility to stay informed and plan accordingly. There are no buildings for event patrons to shelter in on the event grounds.  

Weather & Emergency notifications

Event-related weather and emergency updates will be made as necessary through announcements on the event stage, on social media (@TownOfParkerCO), via event staff and volunteers, and a color coded weather advisory system.  It is each patron’s responsibility to remain alert for notifications, keep an eye on the weather, and plan accordingly. There are no buildings for event patrons to shelter in on the event grounds.

 Please take a moment to make a plan on when and how you will find safe shelter if inclement weather arrives. Don’t forget to take into account how far away your vehicle is, if you walked or biked to the event, if you have limited mobility and if you have young children.  The weather advisory system will be displayed on-site in the form of flags placed on the event stage, at ball field entrances and in each parking lot. Please review the system below and monitor the flags nearest you during the event. Visit the Town of Parker tent next to the stage for questions or concerns.

All Clear – no weather issues or weather has passed

Potential Threat/Caution – weather situations are being monitored

Strong Caution – event is being delayed, shelter in vehicles

Canceled Event – weather dictates cancelation of the event

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