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Temporary Patio Extension Permit Application

  1. Temporary Patio Extension Program Information
    The Town of Parker, through Emergency Order 17-2020, has created a temporary program to allow restaurants to extend patios onto front and side yard setback areas, public or private sidewalks and private parking lots, during such time as the State or any local Public Health Agency Orders impose occupancy limits and specific physical distancing requirements on restaurants. The intent of this program is to provide some measure of relief to restaurants by allowing additional occupancy and seating that allows for physical distancing and the safety of their patrons. Businesses with eligible projects may fill out and submit the form below. For information about program requirements, visit
  2. The Community Development Department will review submitted applications for completeness by the next business day after receipt and contact the applicant if additional information is required. Once a submitted application is complete, the Community Development Department will review it for compliance with Emergency Order 17-2020 and provide the applicant with a decision within two (2) business days or sooner if the volume of applications received allows.
  3. Specific Location Information
  4. Contact
  5. Licenses
  6. Does this business have a business license issued by the Town of Parker?*
  7. Does this business have a liquor license issued by the Town of Parker?*
  8. Expansion Details
  9. Do you plan to use a public sidewalk or private property located in front of another business? (Please note that an agreement with the impacted businesses will be required.):*
  10. Do you certify that you have landlord or property owner consent?* This consent is required, failure to obtain it may delay the issuance of a permit.*
  11. For Businesses without an Approved Liquor License, please attach a sketch plan of your planned expansion area with the information referenced above or you may schedule an on-site consultation/inspection with Town of Parker staff prior to patio extension installation. Would you like to schedule a consultation because you do not have an approved Liquor License?*
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